Glenn Malkin Design Bindings

Commissioning a Design Binding

If you are considering commissioning a design binding, there are a number of things you will need to think about to ensure your expectations are met:

Choosing the Binder. Take a look at other bindings the binder has done. Are you happy with the quality and design capability of the binder? What experience or accolades do they have for their bindings? Can they meet your expectations on budget and timescale?

Choosing a Book. Will you provide the book for binding? Is it of a suitable quality and is it a sewn book (rather than an adhesive bound book)? Is the binder happy to work with the copy you have? Alternatively, will you ask the binder to source a suitable book?

Agreeing a Design Approach. Are you happy for the binder to decide on a design, or do you want to have input into that? Do you have particular elements, colour or style you would like incorporating? 

Budget. Do you have a maximum budget in mind for the binding? Can the binder complete the work within your budget (and timescale)? What aspects of the binding might you be willing to compromise on if your budget doesn't cover a full design binding?

How much does a Design Binding Cost?

A design binding will typically take well over a hundred hours of craftsmanship to make, especially when you include the initial thinking and designing time required. Add to that the very best quality materials used and you start to understand why design bindings are rather special and why this is reflected in their price. Having said that, a good binder should be able to discuss with you what you would like and explore how that can be achieved within the budget you have. 

A typical design binding by Glenn Malkin might be in the region of £1,000 to £2,000 including a presentation box, but it could be higher depending on what is required.

What to do Next . . .

Give me a call or drop me an E-mail. Let's discuss what your ideal binding might be and perhaps any thoughts you may have on design. 

Be open about your budget so that options and alternatives can be explored. I will let you know what can and can't be done if your budget is limited. Let's look at timescales too. Typically a design binding is created over several months, so give as much notice as possible, especially as I will have other work already in hand. If you already have the book you would like binding, you will need to send it to me so i can take a look at how it is put together and consider any potential issues it may present. Once the details have been agreed, I will e-mail you a firm written quotation for your approval. If you are happy with that, the work can be scheduled in and completed within the agreed timescale. A deposit would normally be required in advance, with the rest payable on delivery.