Glenn Malkin Design Bindings

The Pyed Pyper

Published by The Old Stile Press, 2002
by Richard Verstegan (1634)
Illustrated by Angela Lemaire 
Limited edition of 175 copies. 
335mm x 350mm 

Bound by Glenn Malkin, 2019 
Winner of 'The FineCut Trophy for Finishing' 
at The Society of Bookbinders International Competition, 2019 

This is a three part binding in fair goat. The spine is craquelé and the boards are hand dyed and decorated using aniline dye and acrylic inks. Multiple blind and carbon tooled elements are incorporated into the design. Airbrushed background features and block printed details with yellow leather onlay highlight. There are full leather hand dyed fair goat doublures, joints and endbands. The endpapers are paste papers by the binder with back-pared onlaid leather lines. Presented in a bespoke wooden box, lined with suede and lifting ribbon and with decorative panel to the lid. 

The design is a representation of the village of Hamelin in this well known story, with black tooling leading from the bleak houses suggesting the leading away of the rats and/or the children. This core theme is also suggested on the endpapers and doublures with the dark lines leading into the hilly wilderness just to mysteriously disappear.

Available for sale
Price: £1,750