Wrenching Times
by Walt Whitman
Illustrated by Gaylord Schanilec
Published by Gwasg Gregynog, 1991
Bound by Glenn Malkin, 2018
Number 296 of a limited edition of 450 copies
350mm x 245mm
The binding is in dark blue and grey, representing the colours of the confederate and union uniforms in the American Civil War.
The blood-red line that separates them is the border between the opposing States. The ‘fair moon’ bathes a scene representing the dead and wounded on the battlefield.
The mottled red doublures represent the blood of soldiers from both sides mixed with the American soil.
The binding is in three part structure. Covered with grey Harmatan leather with red Oasis leather spine and detail. Airbrushed background. Onlaid leather moon and foil tooled strips.
Authors name in gold leaf on the spine. The doublures are hand decorated textile with Oasis leather trim. Red suede endpapers.
The fore edge is untrimmed, top and bottom edges decorated in gold leaf and red foil. Hand sewn silk end bands.
Presented in a suede-lined drop back box covered with airbrushed textile and paper label.
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