Glenn Malkin Design Bindings

Collected Verse of Rudyard Kipling

Published by Hodder & Stoughton (1912)
Limited Deluxe Edition of 100 copies
Signed by Kipling
Bound by Glenn Malkin 2017

Full craquele goatskin binding with back pared onlays and airbrushed design features. Hand sewn silk endbands. Full leather doublures. Authors name tooled in gold on the front cover. Presented in a bespoke suede lined wooden box with leather panel to the lid reflecting the binding design.

The design represents Kipling's ability to work across all classes and all sections of a highly complex hierarchical society, especially that he experienced in India and which is reflected of his popular verses such as 'Gunga Din'.

Available for sale
Price: £1,500 plus postage